X-power Chain introduction video

X-power Chain defines public screen new ecology

At present, online traffic tends to be saturated, but the value of offline traffic portals becomes prominent, and the value of a large number of offline scenarios is to be tapped. X-power Chain has cooperated with tens of thousands of companies in the world and displayed more than 400,000 offline screen terminals, which have generated more than 70,000 nodes and a daily traffic of over 10 million and provided a lot of traffic for the development of public scenario. X-power Chain energizes “public screen” from Blockchain Advertising, Blockchain Content and Blockchain DAPP and creates a public open platform for global users to explore, tap and exploit its potential value.

Powerful combination among three screen ecologies of X-power Chain

  • X-power Chain builds the public screen big data system on the whole chain, and solves problems such as the quality of advertisements, information security in advertisements, virus in advertisements, credibility of advertisements, and advertisement frauds through distributed bookkeeping.
  • X-power Chain establishes a win-win mode for developers, content producers and content consumers through content ecology to solve the single demand for supply and demand of the public screen content system.
  • X-power Chain draws on the wisdom of the masses and absorbs all useful ideas by opening the DAPP app store platform to global developers and enables global developers to create high-quality value-added service applications for billions of offline users with public screens as the nodes and by using the PDPOS system of X-power Chain.

X-power Chain “screen” knows you better, and accurate recommendation boosts value

X-power Chain provides infrastructures such as advertising media ecology, DAPP app store and content ecosystem through the network. In the future, the user’s Internet of Things can share the services provided by X-power Chain by accessing X-power Chain. For example, users can acquire applications in various scenarios through its application to realize the manipulation of various devices and go to the next public screen when leaving the current screen. Behavior preferences can be accurately recommended according to personal attributes, portraits and behaviors. X-power Chain will extract the browsing trajectory, consumption data, positioning data, etc. of each node to form an anonymous portrait of each user, laying the foundation for perfecting the entire content ecosystem on the whole big screen and creating personalized recommendations for users. XPO token can be circulated on the platform as a carrier for the distribution of the content value of the cell.

X-power Chain innovates core logic for quick bookkeeping and creates a quality experience

X-power Chain is a public chain, of which all the nodes can join X-power Chain ecosystem. The functions include providing account keeping nodes, maintaining core codes, etc. In consideration of the number of the devices and required response time for the terminal devices for public scenarios, X-power Chain makes improvement through the combination of application scenarios of X-power Chain based on DPOS consensus algorithm, and proposes PDOS consensus algorithm. The offline devices of X-power Chain are generally one server and multiple smart terminal devices that cooperate to offer content services for offline screens. The devices are in one local area network. The server can act as the node giving DPOS consensus, and the multiple smart terminal devices give extra computation support with the Parallel Delegated Proof-of-Stake (PDPOS) node.

Application scenarios

Team members

  • Lyle Kim
    Foundation CEO
    Korean, is a professional in Blockchain sector, winner of MBA from Asian University, and Certified Public Accountant of the United States, having a good command of Korean, English and Chinese. He used to take important management positions at Korean Government, ITC Business, and some non-profit organizations, as well as serving at Korean Embassy in China, the United Nations Development Program, etc.
    Chief Officer of Product and
    R&D Department
    He, an Canadian, graduated from Canada University, major in Computer Engineering Science. He used to serve at SAMSUNG Taipei company as the manager of electrical business department, and later started his business engaging in creation of new hardware and commercial application projects at Canada and Taiwan region. He has over 8 years working experience for American Private Security company, and now he is the senior technical director at TAIWAN YUANXINA company. As a senior engineer in blockchain sector, he acted as the director of technique team, working on AI, senior algorithm research, etc., accumulating rich experience in high-tech field of blockchain.
  • Maria Gao
    Chief Officer of Market Operation
    American. International business specialty of business management in USC, profound attainments in marketing and computer science, and Blockchain researcher. Won Trojan Scholars Award that created many Forbes celebrities and had abundant experience in leadership and transnational team coordination. Acted as the chief officer of Clarkston Consulting and Everwell for Life CEO.
  • Rebecca Wang
    Chief Financial Officer
    Canadian, Master Degree of management and accounting in Canadian top university, University of Toronto. Canadian chartered professional accountant. Worked at MNP LLP (the fifth largest accounting firm in Canada), participated in financial statement audit of many enterprises listed in North America, and has rich experience in financial management, risk control, and Blockchain finance.


Investment Institutions

Project planning

Technology Roadmap
  • 2018.6~2019.12

    Setting up of foundation platform of X-power Chain

    The setting up of foundation platform of X-power Chain includes setting up Blockchain underlying technology and construction of ecological community, etc.
    Online of main chain of X-power Chain
    Mining of supporting nodes of X-power Chain

  • 2018.9~2022.12

    Setting up of advertisement accurate injection system

    WIFI probe
    AI + big data + image recognition (Time milestone

  • 2020.1~2023.6

    Setting up of global content distribution system

    Decentralized payment system based on intelligent contract
    X-power Chain global individual content distribution system, including assessment and reputation system, etc.

  • 2020.1~2023.6

    Global application distribution DAPP platform

    Setting up and operation of X-power Chain global application distribution DAPP platform

  • 2023.7~future

    Ecological autonomy evolution

    After completion of the entire ecological infrastructure, the Foundation will improve the incentive measures for long-term autonomy.

Business Roadmap
  • 2018.6~2020.7~permanent

    Timeline of public screen modification in separate scenarios

    Extensive layout in health and hotel scenarios
    Launch of KTV and catering scenarios
    Launch of beauty and hairdressing industry scenarios
    Launch of shopping mall and supermarket scenarios
    Launch of outdoor building, hospital, gym and other industry scenarios

  • 2018.6~2019.1~permanent

    Timeline of smart upgrade of public screen contents

    Fundamental setup of screen content categories: Popular contents including advertisement, film & television, music, photo & article, and games, etc.
    The screen categories are continuously increased, the broadcasting and control modes are extended: from interactive touch screen, 3D, VR/AR, voice control to AI, etc.

Settlement Progress
  • 2018.4~2018.7

    Setting up of global content distribution system

    X-power Chain project has cooperated with more than ten thousands of hotels, KTV, and health clubs throughout the world, deployed more than 400,000 offline screen terminals, created more than 70,000 nodes, had more than daily visitor flow of ten millions, and provided plenty of traffic for the development of public scenario.
    Several Blockchain projects were launched on the open advertisement platform, and the advertisement was accurately published on dozens of thousands of screens. The publicity covers more than 100,000,000 person-times of medium to high-end groups.

Technology Roadmap

Downloading the white paper